In case you have wandered into this blog post wondering what Live2Serve is, a big part of reaching others for Christ and discipling them so they become more like Jesus is learning to serve. Humbly. Effectively. With others in mind.

Live2Serve is the annual training conference for Seacoast Vineyard Church in Myrtle Beach, SC. It’s one of the reasons that this church has 60% of its adult membership volunteering on any given Sunday. We’re aiming for 110%.

Inviting others to join in the fun, use their gifts, passions, experiences and time, and they helping them do it well…well, it makes a difference in how church is done.

Two highlights I want to note:

1) The volunteers that helped make this event happen (along with the staff), were awesome. The registration, program, food, break-outs, and now the follow up all made it worth the hours invested in Live2Sere 2016.

2) Jeff Skelley did an excellent job challenging us to serve with joy, passion and the fulness of the Holy Spirit (yes, the illustration about the Holy Spirit being like chocolate milk – it has to be shaken up to be really experienced – will stick with me awhile!)

Two requests I’d make:

1) Respond to this blog – tell us what we need to change, what worked, how you are serving now that you’ve attended, and what we can do to reach even more for serving and training in 2017.

2) Watch the attached video presentation Jeff Skelley sent me (this is what he wanted to close with.) Let me tell you, it is worth the few minutes to get an up-close perspective of missions in Brazil. Get the kleenex! (Click Missions in Brazil for the video.)

I’ll watch for you replies. See you Easter!

Keep Pursuing Christ Together,